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Lockboxes are not required on all listings. You are only required to place an approved Supra lockbox on a property if you have placed another type of entry device on the property.

If any lockbox or other device enabling access to On Market listed property for real estate professionals and/or service providers is authorized by the seller and/or occumpant and is placed on or present on a property listed in the MLS, such lockbox or device must be approved by the MLS where the listing has been submitted. The authorized lockboxes sold by, leased by, or otherwise offered through the Association or MLS where the listing is submitted have been approved by the MLS (Kim User Group approved Supra Bluetooth LE lockbox). Unless expressly indicated otherwise by the MLS, for any other lockbox or device to be considered “approved,” use of it must provide reasonable, timely access to listed property such that:


1.  Alternative entry devices must allow all participants and subscribers timely access to listing by reliance solely on data submitted to/residing on the MLS;

2.  Complete, accurate and stand-alone instructions are provided for accessing the listed property in the appropriate agent section on the MLS; and…

3.  It ensures that the lockbox or device will provide reasonable access to listed property with any information, code or key needed to access the contents of the lockbox/device to be made available or access to the property otherwise scheduled within four (4) hours of initial contact in the event the lockbox or device requires the participating member to obtain additional information to enable access (ex: “call listing agent for entry code”) with said 4 hour response obligation in effect every day from 8 AM to 6 PM.

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13.2.2.  …CCAR MLS reserves the right to require that the device be submitted in advance for approval. The MLS may also revocke the approval and/or subject the participant to discipline if the device is used in a manner that fails to continue to satisfy this requirement. Failure to provide reasonable and timely access as required by this section will subject the listing agent to discipline and potential fines. More than one lockbox or access device may be used on a property only if it is approved (Kim User Group approved Supraq Bluetooth LE lockbox) where the listing is submitted.

Questions: Contact CCAR MLS Compliance Dept. at (925) 295-1270;