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Each listing must include at least 1 front exterior photo or graphic image. It’s best to prepare all photos in advance and post them as soon as you input a new listing into MLS.

avoid compliance issues

Prepare your property photos in advance so they are ready to post when you input a new listing in the MLS.

marketing best practices

First impressions count. Give your listings the impact they deserve by posting photos immediately. This will help your fellow agents best market the property for a timely sale.

honor seller's wishes

The only time you do not need to post photos is (1) with the express written consent of property owners, and/or (2) with Business Opportunity and Lots and Land listings.

11.5 Photographs on the MLS.  a. By submitting photographs to the MLS, the participant and/or subscriber represents and warrants that he or she either owns the right to reproduce and display such photographs or has procured such rights from the appropriate party, and has the authority to grant and hereby grants the MLS and the other Participants and Subscribers the right to reproduce and display the photographs in accordance with these rules and regulations. Use of photographs by a subsequent listing agent requires prior written
authorization from the originating listing agent or other appropriate party with the legal right to reproduce and display such photographs. Except by the MLS for purposes of protecting its rights under Section 11.6, branding of photographs, virtual tours or any other photographic representation with any information or additional images, is prohibited. However, branded Media Links will be permitted in the Branded Media Link field for the sole purpose of transmittal to 3rd party vendors only. Upon notification to the Participant and/or Subscriber, MLS has the right to remove any photo found not to be in compliance with the MLS Rules. b. At least one (1) photo or graphic image of the front exterior of the property accurately displaying the listed property (except where sellers expressly direct in writing that photographs of their property not appear in MLS compilations) is required to be posted on the MLS upon submission of the listing in all categories other than business opportunity and Lots and Land. For violation of this section, see Appendix B, Citable Infractions.