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Intro to RPR® – CMA Reports and More
Thu., Mar. 28  |   2:00pm – 4:00pm

Brokerbay: Supra Showing Management
Mon., Apr. 1  |  8:00am – 9:00am

Paragon Connect: The Home Page
Mon., Apr. 1  |  10:00am – 10:20 AM

Zipform Basics: Navigating Lone Wolf Transactions
Tue., Apr. 2  |  10:00am – 11:00am

Member Benefit: BrokerBay

BrokerBay is now the core-offering for Showing Management tools from CCAR. Here is a list of actions you will need to take as an agent:

  1. Under Resources, ‘MLS Tools/Services’ in Paragon – select ‘BrokerBay’. This will log you into your BrokerBay account.
  2. As a first time user, verify your cell phone number, email, and personal details, set up your password, and upload a headshot if wanted.
  3. Configure your Showing Instructions for your active listings (See above video)
  4. Turn off your ShowingTime online Showings via the ShowingTime user dashboard – edit profile, Listing Agent – Showing Preferences, Allow Agents to Request Appointments Online = NO
  5. Begin using BrokerBay to book showings, and manage showings on your property and harness the functionality of BrokerBay to accelerate your business. Download the Mobile App to unlock the full power of the system via Apple App Store or Google Play.
  6. Your Listings will be automatically applied the BrokerBay booking action, as well as the Booking Icon. Appointments booked will be notified via email, SMS, or via a push notification on the BrokerBay mobile app.

Configure Showing Instructions Video >>
Agent Training Video >>


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Maximize your MLS experience

Learn how to maximize Paragon’s exceptional features. CCAR offers live monthly training courses and we encourage you to explore Paragon’s comprehensive webinars + training videos

Schedule an in-office Paragon training: 925.295.1270.

M-F: 9 AM – 6 PM   |  SAT: 10 AM – 2 PM 

AGENTS:     (213) 739-8282

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New CCAR MLS Benefit Coming this April

Take advantage of the newest CCAR MLS Benefit – InfoSparks!
  • Investigate important market metrics by county, city, postal code, neighborhood and other geographies.
  • Compare up to four geographies by a variety of housing variables, market metrics and time calculations.
  • Personalize market charts with your headshot, company name and contact information.
The InfoSparks tool will be connected to your MLS via:
  1. SSO (Single-Sign-On) links on your MLS Homepage and Paragon Resources menu
  2. Action Icon on the agent detail report or spreadsheet views.
  3. Link on your “Action” pop up menu

MLS Rule Change 10.1.1 – Effective April 8th

rules regs folder

The following MLS Rules & Regulation change will go into effect April 8th. This change is being made to further clarify the already existing business rules and functionality of the MLS.

10.1.1 Coming Soon Listings.
It shall be the responsibility of the Broker Participant (Section 4.1.1) and Real Estate Subscriber (Section 4.2.1) to follow said rules when placing a property in the Coming Soon section of the multiple listings service (MLS). Broker Participant and Real Estate Subscriber shall only place a property in the Coming Soon sec􀆟on of the MLS if the Participant/Subscriber has met the necessary criteria for MLS input as described in Sections 7.5, 7.6, and 8.1. Participant/Subscriber is required to enter a proposed list date to proceed in placing a listing in the Coming Soon section of the MLS. Once the listing moves from Coming Soon to any Active status it cannot revert back to Coming Soon with that same broker. Open House or Broker Tour is not allowed while in coming soon status.

If you have any questions please contact CCAR Member Services at [email protected] or 925.295.1270.

MLS “AREA” Field Change Notice

The “AREA” field lookup values have been updated to a single lookup value called “Listing”. This means that instead of selecting various “AREA” options, you will now see one “Listing” value. We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how this change will impact your workflow.

Action Required – Update Your Saved Searches

To avoid your clients receiving unnecessary email notifications, we kindly request you to update all your Active Saved Searches that currently use the “AREA” field. You can use the following alternative fields instead: “Map Search,” “City,” or “Zip Code.” By making these updates before November 6th, you will prevent your clients from being bombarded with emails due to the change.

Will the AREA field still be required while entering a listing?

No, this field will no longer be required for listing entry.

What alternative fields can you use?

1. Map Search
2. City
3. Zip Code

Why are we making this change?

The decision to update the “AREA” field was driven by several factors:
1. Data Compatibility: As we integrate data from various MLSs into Paragon, we face challenges in maintaining a one-to-one match with each MLS’s “AREA” definitions. Different MLSs may use different terms such as District, Neighborhood, or Subdivision for their “AREA” field.
2. Outdated Field Design: The “AREA” field and its locations were created almost two decades ago, and we recognize that it no longer aligns with current best practices and user expectations.
3. Ease of Use: Some agents reported encountering error messages when using the “AREA” field due to a lack of familiarity with it.

Why do I still see the AREA field in the MLS?

Although we understand that you might still see the “AREA” field within Paragon, please be assured that the only available value will be “Listing.” We acknowledge this limitation and have already requested our MLS Vendor to remove the field entirely in future enhancements.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transition. By embracing these changes, we can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our MLS system, benefiting all members.
Unique Areas (see above photo):
For those unique “Areas” such as Blackhawk, Rossmoor, Hayward Hills, etc.., you can leverage the “Zip Code” field for all but Rossmoor. For those agents who specialize in Rossmoor, we have created a “Map Layer” solution for your searching needs. To utilize the “Map Layer”, open the map and click on “Open Map Layer Panel” icon and check the box for “ROSSMOOR – WALNUT CREEK” then run search or add to criteria.