Instant access to Seller’s Net Sheets + Property Profiles

Title Toolbox provides agents with instant access to Seller’s Net Sheets and Property Profiles via their MLS/Paragon home page single sign-on link or the “Resources” menu; from there, all it takes is a property address!


Seller’s Net Sheets provide home sellers with accurate estimates of their net proceeds from the sale of their homes. This dynamic document comes with pre-populated closing costs based on the property’s geographic location. 


Select TITLE TOOLBOX from the MLS home page RESOURCES menu; this will automatically link to the Benutech website where you may simply enter a property address to retrieve Seller’s Net Sheets and Property Profiles free of charge. 


Property Profiles are based on the latest title and Assessors data and provides agents with a comprehensive view of individual properties. It includes detailed property information, property history, current and historical listing photos, local market statistics, listing activity, foreclosure activity, neighborhood demographics and many other features.